I use goat milk from my own goats to make rich and creamy soaps!  I fragrance my soaps with quality essential and fragrance oils.  I use a couple different recipes or combination of vegetable oils to make small batches of cold process soaps.  I am always trying new scents, colors and additives to create something new and better.

Did you know that goat milk is full of vitamins and minerals that absorb easily into your skin?  I recommend that the bars I make be used as Bath/Shower bars.  They simply feel luxurious on your skin and are gentle and smooth.  They are also gentle enough to be used as a facial soap.  You can also use them as hand soap.  But please-you must try them in the bath/shower-they are awesome!  Use them directly on your skin or for more suds you can use a pouf or washcloth.  People have been using goat milk soap for centuries to improve skin.  The ancient Egyptians considered a milk bath the ultimate in luxurious living and Cleopatra regularly bathed in pure milk.

Though goat milk soap isn't a cure for skin ailments, many sufferers of skin maladies like acne and eczema have reported relief from their symptoms as a result of regular use.

 I'm often asked how I make soap, if it is hard or if it takes a long time.  It is different for each soap maker but here is a very simplified version of what I do: 1-milk the goat  2-mix the oils, lye and goat milk and pour into molds  3-allow it to sit for 24 hours  4-cut soap  5-allow to cure for 6 weeks  6-package soap  7-sell soap

I don't teach the traditional soap making classes-but we are offering Soap Events-look for info under the Soap Event Page(-:

I am always open to your suggestions on fragrances.  I generally am able to make you a entire custom batch if you want something specific.  Price ranging from $32+ for the batch.  A small batch is 7(4oz)bars and 2(2oz) bars. 

My single bars are are sold for around $5.00 each depending on recipe (ingredients used) and bar weight.

Since I make small batches and am trying something new all the time-I do not have most of my soaps listed on my etsy page. 

Please contact me for more information, questions or comments.  I put the latest Happy Goat information and pics on the Happy Goat Facebook page.  Be a fan!  


Soap is made through a chemical reaction called SAPONIFICATION.  Big word-yes.  Basically it means that the mixing of the oils (acids) and the lye (the base) cause the molecules to move around and form new ones resulting in soap!