Miniature Alpines in West Michigan

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My name is Charity Doornbos and I am a Soaper and Goat Owner.  We first purchased goats in 2008 and soon after I started making soap.  From 2008-2017, our goats had been mainly for pets and for milk for my soap business. I have sold my Happy Goat soaps and products in local stores, on-line (via Etsy), craft shows and farm markets.

In the spring of 2015, I began to register my mini's and that fall I bred my f1 mini alpine buck to one of our f1 mini alpine does. (-: We were blessed with triplet's from this first time freshener! She was a 3 year old doe and is a great mom! All 3 had amazing color! In 2016 we purchased a 3rd generation mini-alpine buckling from Idaho and had it transported to Michigan. In 2017 we now have some 3rd generation kids born here at Happy Goat!

How did I get started in mini-alpines? In 2008 our first goats were Alpine. After breeding to a neighbors Alpine or Toggenburg buck for a couple years-I decided to purchase a black and white spotted Nigerian buck. (I'm partial to the black and white colorings) For 3 years I bred my registered Alpine Doe (black and white) to the registered Nigerian Buck (black and white). I have now retired the Alpine doe and the Nigerian Dwarf buck. 

My goal as I continue to move forward with breeding Mini-Alpine is to produce-Quality, Medium Sized Dairy Goats with Color for your Backyard needs(-:

Constantly making changes, in 2017 we decided to take the year off from selling at Farmer's Markets. And we have started having more "Soap Events" (classes). There is a new page dedicated to the Soap Events! (-:










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